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Introduced species in the British Isles

This website is intended to bring together information on the various flora and fauna of the British isles that have been introduced, whether by accident or design, since the year 1700. Introduced species are also known as exotics, aliens, non indigenous, non - natives, invasives and a host of other terms. My definition of an introduced species is one that has survived for at least two generations in Britain in an uncontrolled (wild) manner after its initial introduction.

Although mammals and plants are the best known of the introduced species there are many others, ranging from fish and crustaceans to amphibians and fungi.

I have tried to include as many species as possible, however I have not included anything that cannot be seen with the naked eye due to the sheer amount of work that would involve.

This site will always be a work in progress!
Currently 93 species listed on this site
Last updated 11/11/16


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