European eagle owl

Bubo bubo


Probably the largest member of the owl family, this owl can have a wingspan of almost 7 feet (2 Metres). The ones wild in the UK are all thought to be escapees from zoos and collectors. The one pair known to be breeding in the highlands of Scotland have produced a number of offspring since 1996 and should continue to do so as these birds are very long lived. The previous introduction of this owl was removed by gamekeepers clearing them from game estates in its highland areas. A voracious predator with no enemies except man in the UK.


Originally in 18th C but eradicated in 19th C
Reintroduced in 1996

Europe, North Africa, Asia and the Middle East
Scottish Highlands
Only one breeding pair so uncertain future with such a small genetic pool.
Problems: Will take game and many other creatures upto hare size.
Comments: There are other eagle owls wild in England but no records of them breeding so far.