About this site

Firstly this site is an amateur site, what does that mean? It means that this site is purely funded and created and run by myself. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of every word that is on this website.

I have tried to ensure that the information presented here is as accurate as possible, but I am only human and therefore fallible.
Please don't rely on the accuracy of this information if you are using it for mission critical purposes such as writing a thesis. It is intended to be a springboard for information and not a final authority.

If you do discover errors please let me know by email. I welcome anything that can improve the site and I can always take constructive criticism.

The information presented here has come from many sources and it would be almost impossible to list every single source. Most of it comes from my own and friends hours spent reading in university libraries.

Particular thanks go to Aaron Woods for information, advice, images, proofreading and encouragement, particularly on the plants section.

The images used on this site have come from many sources and I cannot always trace the original source so if you recognise an image as one that you own please let me know and I will arrange to get it either credited or removed as you desire.

If you have information on a species that fulfils the sites criteria that is not at present included, please contact me with as much information as possible so that I can include that species.
I do however have a life away from this site so don't expect instant results!

Finally, if you have need of a website of your own you can support the upkeep of this site by employing my services for your web site design and hosting, all at very competitive prices.

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