About the United Kingdom


When I created this site I expected most of its visitors to come from the United Kingdom. From the site statistics however I have discovered that a majority of its visitors come from outside the United Kingdom.

This has led to many emails from users asking about the locations in the UK that I mention in the text. This map has been placed here to give a visual indication of those locations.

Some facts about the UK:

  • It comprises England. Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and a number of Islands.
  • It lies about 35 km North West of the coast of France at 54 00 N, 2 00 W.
  • Its land area is about 245,000 sq km.
  • Population is just over 60 million.
  • It is temperate in climate and warmer than its location might suggest, this is due to prevailing South-Westerly winds and the effect of the gulf stream.
  • It is overcast on about 50% of days.